We’ve all seen the posters or graphics showing the Time > Cost > Quality triangle (known as the Scope Triangle).  

The triangle illustrates the relationship between three primary forces in a project. Time is the available time to deliver the project, cost represents the amount of money or resources available and quality represents the fit-to-purpose that the project must achieve to be a success.

The normal situation is that one of these factors is fixed and the other two will vary in inverse proportion to each other. For example time is often fixed and the quality of the end product will depend on the cost or resources available. Similarly if you are working to a fixed level of quality then the cost of the project will largely be dependent upon the time available (if you have longer you can do it with fewer people).

At Xtec Media, on top of our great pricing that our clients have come to expect, we give substantial price breaks.  Give us 48 hours or more for your presentation of 50 or less slide formats and receive a 10% discount. Give us 72 hours or more and receive a 20% discount.

Our typical pricing structure is as follows:
  • Priority – same day/overnight – 100% additional charge
  • Rush – 8-24 hrs – 50% additional charge
  • Standard – 24-48 hrs
  • Economy – 2 days (48+ hrs) 10% discount
  • Budget – 3 days (72+ hrs) 20% discount
*The above are based on 50 or less slide formats